White Famous

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Oct 15, 2017 - Dec 10, 2017








Floyd - Jay PharoahMalcolm - Utkarsh AmbudkarRon - Jacob Ming-TrentTrevor - Lonnie ChavisTeddy - Michael RapaportSadie - Cleopatra ColemanPeter - Jack DavenportGwen - Lyndon SmithAmy - Natalie Zea

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A comedy following a rising young African-American comedian navigating his newfound fame.

Floyd Mooney is a talented, up-and-coming young black comedian who, while furthering his career, must find a way to maintain his credibility in the stand-up world as he crosses over into the world of becoming “white famous.”

Based on the personal experiences of Jamie Foxx.

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03/13/18 at 10:19am

Well Peeping_Tom let me explain

Jamie Foxx might not be a bigot but for making the show but The title gave away enough of a premise to turn a lot of people off. If it was about "Getting to the Next Level" or "Breaking Out" or "What Needs to Be Done" to make it (3 non race based titles) then call it that. A lot of comedians around the world are not as famous as others. Every city with a club has a comedian who is really only known at that club, or in that neighborhood. By using race in the title one could tell it was going to be about race and blame, not an unknown trying to make it. Even if one says the show wasn't, the title proved it was. Of course you lose viewers when you over premise the show in the title.

Why use race in the title if it isn't about race?
John Rossum
03/03/18 at 11:48am

This is really too bad. Great show with a bit of a language issue but with good human values and very funny. Must be a money issue.
Richard J. Blanco
01/10/18 at 11:57pm

Showtime is clueless renews smilf and cancels WHite famous great cast awesome storyline it was a somewhat of a reserve racism but still taught provoking Smilf who cast is much weaker and it's writing is unfunny and poor quality gets renewed SMFH
Sally Boomer
01/09/18 at 04:32pm

So Peeping _Tom if you don't have a black friend you're a racist thanks for clearing that up and even if you have a black friend you can still be a racist
Peeping _Tom
12/30/17 at 07:52am

How is Ballers still on the air & white famous got cancelled? what a travesty!

BTW, your people enslaved the planet for hundreds of years.
How is Jamie Foxx a bigot for having a show called White famous? Oh, I get it you're one of those people that say," I'm not a racist, I have a black friend."
12/30/17 at 04:56am

yup, dropped in the can
12/30/17 at 04:56am

yup, dropped in the can
11/24/17 at 03:03pm

Going by the name I was unsure .. It's hilarious , definitely not for kids , grown folks comedy I love it!
10/27/17 at 08:06am

Black man in a dress, REALLY, cancelled soon
10/06/17 at 03:36pm

Based on the racist Jamie Foxx why is racism allowed against white people at least the Wayans family use genuine humour Foxx is a disgusting bigot

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