Wisdom of the Crowd

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Oct 01, 2017 - Jan 14, 2018




Drama / Crime




Jeffrey - Jeremy PivenTommy - Richard T. JonesSara - Natalia TenaJosh - Blake LeeTariq - Jake MatthewsAlex - Monica Potter

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A drama following a tech innovator who creates an app to help solve crimes.

After the death of his daughter, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jeffrey Tanner takes the notion that a million minds are better than one and develops a crowd-sourcing app to help solve her murder.

Known as "Sophe", the cutting-edge online platform uses publicly-shared information that uses the combined wisdom of a large group of people. Realizing his inventions potential, his determination grows from solving a case personal to him to helping many others that could benefit from this new technology.

Comments (15)

10/03/17 at 09:33pm

Is it just me, or does the premise of this sound a lot like "APB"?
10/01/17 at 08:24am

APB didn't make it, this stands little chance and I agree with Steve the shows name just sounds kind of off I saw the name and went hmm what is this about, read the description and went, not what I thought it was about...
10/01/17 at 07:00am

I disagree about Jeremy Piven--I think the guy is brilliant--he does comedy great, but he's also fantastic in dramas. I wasn't going to watch this until I saw Jeremy Piven was the lead character.
Steve Tucson
08/23/17 at 02:51pm

The title of the show is horrendous. If the title contained the word "app" instead of "wisdom", it might stand the chance at more initial viewers. The title doesn't even give a hint as to what this show is about. Is it a drama, a dramedy, an anthology series, what? It needs to be changed before it is too late!
07/07/17 at 02:39pm

THIS sounds like it will be a really good show. IF it's done right, that is.
However, the first strike against it is Jeremy Piven. Seriously?? JEREMY PIVEN??? Could there be a worst lead for a crime show??
'Nuff said....smh...

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