Wisdom of the Crowd

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Oct 01, 2017 - Jan 14, 2018




Drama / Crime




Jeffrey - Jeremy PivenTommy - Richard T. JonesSara - Natalia TenaJosh - Blake LeeTariq - Jake MatthewsAlex - Monica Potter

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A drama following a tech innovator who creates an app to help solve crimes.

After the death of his daughter, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jeffrey Tanner takes the notion that a million minds are better than one and develops a crowd-sourcing app to help solve her murder.

Known as "Sophe", the cutting-edge online platform uses publicly-shared information that uses the combined wisdom of a large group of people. Realizing his inventions potential, his determination grows from solving a case personal to him to helping many others that could benefit from this new technology.

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01/09/18 at 04:50pm

I love this show and I sure hope it does not get canceled because someone made allegations of sexual assault. Allegations are allegations not proof, nor does that indicate any guilt on the part of the accused. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. Anyone can make allegations against anyone for anything. That's why we have a justice system to determine guilt and a party is to be considered innocent until proven guilty. So let's don't start canceling shows for stupid reasons!
12/22/17 at 05:13am

CBS has CANCELLED this show "as the number of sexual assault allegations against star Jeremy Piven continues to climb".
Melissa J
11/04/17 at 04:23pm

This show is nothing like APB - APB was about a billionaire who buys a police station and takes it over with tech he designs. Yes, people could download the "app" and notify the police of crimes but that is not the premise of this show. This show is about receiving information from the general population to help solve crimes.The program they've designed is constantly evolving to work in new ways to solve those crimes and the rich guy is going broke to keep it going. Jeremy Piven is great in this role and I hope it continues on.
10/30/17 at 05:23pm

I have to say that some of you folks write a show off after a couple of airings. Some of you wouldn't know a good show unless it was a reality show, which by the way, they never have any substance or imagination. Watch more than one or two shows before you write it off into the sunset. Many shows were not all that great until they aired for several episodes. One that comes to mind, was Gunsmoke. Had they written it off before the first season was over, it would not have lasted for twenty years. So, give this show a chance. Just saying!
10/30/17 at 03:56pm

I've liked Jeremy Piven for years. About time he got a good show. Monica Potter has been a favorite since she was in Con Air. This show is thought provoking and very well acted by all. Hope this series makes it longer than a few seasons.
10/29/17 at 06:30pm

I think the show is somewhat hopeful showing strangers coming together to help. Of course the legality of the premise ...who knows? I like the cast esp. Monica and Jeremy.
10/27/17 at 08:04am

Tech in a tv series is tricky plan. This is horrible cast, plot
10/25/17 at 05:37pm

Love this show. As a cord cutter from 2015, I am not familiar with the references to APB. I only have access to CBS All Access and Netflix. Please don't cancel this show - it is my favorite!
10/18/17 at 01:28pm

This show is terrible needs to be cancelled
10/16/17 at 03:54pm

I thought the same thing Kirsten, it's too close to APB and I don't think it's going to last just like APB. I like Jeremy Piven, but after 3 episodes, I don't think even he can save it. And I agree, the title doesn't help it at all.

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