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Jan 23, 2018 - Mar 13, 2018






Annie - Anna PaquinPeter - Shawn DoyleBrady - Billy MacLellanVirginia - Sharon TaylorClarence - Patrick LabbeTom - Vincent LeclercLily - Janine TheriaultMaggie - Victoria SanchezFather Jameson - Joe CobdenEddie - Allen Leech

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A thriller following the mystery behind the disappearance of a small town teen.

Annie Ryder is a cop with a tragic past whose intense personality has never lined up with her hometown. After the recent disappearance of a transgender teen, she gets wrapped up in trying to unravel the mystery - even having to cast suspicion on people she's known her whole life.

During Annie's investigation, a stranger in a bar gives her a note containing a riddle that may help with her search. Solving the riddle makes her realize its author has key information about the case, and that it is in some way connected to an unsolved murder close to her.

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03/21/18 at 01:03pm

I couldn’t agree with Pete more on every point. Terrible show, and it wrapped up so stupidly. Not one likeable character on the whole show!
For the love of Pete
02/15/18 at 07:58am

So I tried watching this as I had set my DVR to record the show and I couldn't make it passed the first episode. It started out ok with the kid taking off in the night and set the intrigue level pretty high.....but then Anna Paquin's character, Annie, came on the screen and it lost me. I usually like her but in this it just didn't work. I could barely understand her half the time. Not sure if it's the tone of her voice or what but it sounded like she was speaking from a constricted throat...all muffled. I also found her facial expressions to be never changing, regardless of the situation. I'm not sure if she's always been a mediocre actress or this is just the first time I noticed it. Perhaps this is just the wrong show for her. I don't know. The other issue I had a hard time with was the things she did as a detective. My family is in law enforcement and this was just kinda ridiculous. I mean, I get it's just a show....but come on. There was also just too much going on. It started off with a missing kid and it just kept wandering away from that and instead focused on Annie's past. It really didn't interest me and I found myself really not liking her character at all. I know it's only one episode, but it was enough for me to determine that it I wasn't going to like it so I deleted the rest of the episodes off my DVR. Too bad too. It really looked like it could have been a great show.

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