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A reality series where individuals are left to fend for themselves on islets in Indonesia.

12 strangers are left separated on string of islets in Indonesia, where they must acclimate to their new surroundings with only few belongings.

The castaways know there are others out there but do not know how many there are or where to find them. With only scant resources and abandoned structures to live off of, which of them has what it takes to last until their eventual rescue?

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07/10/20 at 04:19pm

There are so many of these shows out now I get confused on which is which tbh.
10/11/18 at 06:55pm

Why is it all about winning something? I'm pretty sure the people who got rescued won something. But more importantly, what about the non-monetary things they won by being there? This obviously truly changed those people's lives. I think it was a great show and I would continue to watch it. Unlike survivor
10/08/18 at 12:02pm

I actually loved it. It was nice that there were no contrived games or scripted changes. I liked the natural way their experiences evolved. It was more of a true social experiment. I loved the way it was edited. I just wish they would do a reunion show to let us see how the folks turned out. I went on social media and found that Robbie lost the weight and looks awesome! Very uplifting.
09/18/18 at 07:45pm

The worst unreality show, good concept, but too much about home life, not enough about really surviving, where is the water and lots of the food coming from. You couldnt really survive hanging out on a beach in a hammock.
09/05/18 at 10:00am

ABC' s attempt to have a series outbeat Survivor, ha. Canceled after one season.
08/29/18 at 06:50am

Add a few Great Whites and it could be interesting. Two episodes is all I could deal with.
08/07/18 at 10:39pm

Lady_Hands is right. You don't win anything on The Island and it looks like you don't win anything on Castaways either.
08/07/18 at 09:33am

So they will be left ALONE. I know there is a big HISTORY of people being left ALONE on tv but I don't see this lasting. I wonder if people will even watch it to the end of the first season or if it will be just left ALONE.
Ron Peterson
08/07/18 at 08:19am

Alone + Naked and Afraid XL = failure?
08/07/18 at 03:58am

Will see if its lame

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