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Jan 21, 2018 - Feb 17, 2019




Drama / Sci-fi




Howard - J.K. SimmonsEmily - Olivia WilliamsPeter - Harry LloydIan - Nicholas PinnockClare - Nazanin BoniadiBaldwin - Sara SerraioccoAldrich - Ulrich Thomsen

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A spy thriller following a U.N. employee who learns that his agency is hiding a gateway to a parallel world.

Howard Silk is a lowly employee at a Berlin-based United Nations spy agency. After learning that the organization he works for is safeguarding a secret crossing into a parallel world, Howard finds himself mixed up in a shadowy world of danger, conspiracy, and double-cross.

This mysterious world hidden beneath the surface of everyday existence brings up questions about fate and his identity. And after meeting his near-identical counterpart, Howard realizes the only man he can trust is the parallel version of himself.

Comments (9)

10/06/22 at 02:58pm

Not sure why this is labelled "cancelled", it ended at its natural conclusion, with all the sentimental bits at the end.
After all, the original order was for 2 seasons and they very obviously made the intended ending there.
02/16/20 at 07:05pm

Why cancel? It had everything you could want! Not just another mindless show that kills your brain cells as you watch. I just don’t understand.
04/08/19 at 03:39pm

Damn! I am so tired of getting into a really good show, and Zap! Cancelled.
03/19/19 at 11:42pm

SHOCKING...This was one of the best shows on television.
01/21/19 at 12:39pm

Best show on television and should win some awards for writing and acting. I hear that it may be cancelled. I hope it gets renewed!

It should be advertised more outside the STARZ network.
04/10/18 at 06:17am

Really great show. Good acting and interesting story, can't wait for next season!
03/16/18 at 09:35am

I read somewhere online that this already has a 2nd season
Yari Taropel
02/07/18 at 12:18pm

I was recently at a friends house who had episodes 1 and 2 on the DVR. One Word - "WOW". J. K. Simmons pulls off a duel role without equal - often in the same scene and against himself (through the trickery and magic of CG and clever editing). When I got home I upgraded my cable to get Starz. I liked the show that much
01/18/18 at 12:14pm

Can't wait.

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