I Am a Killer

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Aug 03, 2018 - Present




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A docuseries where convicted killers recount their crimes.

In this true crime documentary series, death row inmates who have been convicted of capital murder give their own accounts of the crimes they committed.

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08/30/22 at 06:46am

@ Steve S Totally agree. In my town this man murdered his girlfriend in cold blood, ran her over and left her dead in the parking lot. His punishment-He got a hefty fine and only sits in jail for one night every year on the anniversary of her death. Yet someone caught with marijuana gets life in prison
Steve S.
08/30/22 at 01:20am

They'll probably get out on bail or freed so they can write a book. You can count on it. Billy The Kid wouldn't even do time with the clowns in charge these days, let alone get his comeuppance. Manson was allowed to waste away in jail and he probably enjoyed it. Sirhan Sirhan was supposed to be hanged but the libs couldn't do it. He got stabbed in jail though because some criminal had more sense than the governor.

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