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Aug 10, 2018 - Oct 11, 2019








Patty - Debby RyanBob - Dallas RobertsNonnie - Kimmy ShieldsBob - Christopher GorhamDonald - Daniel KangDixie - Irene ChoiMagnolia - Erinn WestbrookBrick - Michael ProvostAngie - Sarah ColonnaRegina - Arden MyrinCoralee - Alyssa Milano

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A dark comedy following a vengeful beauty pageant contestant seeking revenge on her past bullies.

Patty has spent a good portion of her life being bullied and ignored due to her looks. But now that she has transformed herself, Patty is looking for revenge against anyone who has ever pushed her around.

Bob Armstrong is a disgraced civil lawyer-turned-beauty pageant coach who sees potential in Patty and takes her on as a client. But what Bob doesn't know is the extent of Patty's rage and just how far she is willing to go to even the score with her past tormentors.

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01/18/24 at 10:01am

CANCELLED?? ON A FRICKEN CLIFFHANGER WHERE THE SHOW WAS ABOUT TO GET GREAT??? do not waste your time with this show, it has no ending! Spoiler alet-- it leaves you with Bob being framed as the pageant killer, and patty realizes that she likes killing people. Then she vows to use her skills to get Bob exonerated. She embraces the evil, and flashback to every person that she killed, she sees herself smiling. Bob is horrified when he sees the transition.That is where they leave it! It was gonna be an awesome show, un cancel this please!
12/08/18 at 07:38pm

09/02/18 at 11:17am

this show is fun to watch, it is not only funny but also satire. give us more.
08/26/18 at 05:25pm

This show is hilarious, i love it, please netflix give us more!!
08/11/18 at 03:02pm

Not only is the show funny but there is plenty of drama to keep you hooked. Dallas Roberts is at his best and I’m impressed by Alyssa Milano’s acting. Hope it gets picked up for a second season.
08/08/18 at 11:02am

Plenty of complaints about this so will take a look anything that upsets the PC crowd is worth giving a chance

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