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Nov 14, 2018




Drama / Sci-fi




Lana - Natalia TenaLogan - Tom Felton

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A drama following a group of passengers who awaken on an abandoned spaceship in deep space.

When a group of troubled passengers wake up on a damaged spaceship that has been abandoned in deep space, they quickly realize they will need to do whatever it takes in order to start their lives over on a newly-colonized planet.

The already-terrifying situation gets worse when paranoia sets in and they realize that the greatest threat to their survival is something even darker than the pasts they were trying to leave behind.

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08/15/23 at 09:57am

Bring back origin show. Better than a lot of crap on TV & streaming
07/29/19 at 08:36am

According to news reported elsewhere, this show has been canceled. The staff here might want to confirm and update the status.
11/14/18 at 10:42am

Nymphadora Tonks and Draco Malfoy on the same team !! Seems to be an interesting show ... but not a chance in Hades I am going to pay for yet ANOTHER premium subscription, especially YouTube of all places.

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