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May 30, 2018 - Aug 08, 2018








Mara - Sarah ShahiCharlie - Dennis HaysbertMonica - Kathryn MorrisPaul - Sendhil RamamurthyAlexis - Jessica Lu

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A drama following a former hostage negotiator who saves people lost in a virtual reality program.

Mara Kint is a former hostage negotiator and human behavior expert who left her career behind to work as a college professor after dealing with a horrible personal tragedy.

But when she takes a new role saving people who have lost themselves in a high-tech virtual reality simulation which allows them to live their dreams, Mara finds that saving others gives her a new way to save herself.

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08/08/18 at 09:28pm

The show is worth renewing she was great in person of interest shes got a great ........ personalty
David Wood
07/28/18 at 05:41pm

I've been waiting for a deal-breaker bad episode that would cause me to stop watching, but so far every episode has had something to hold my interest.
At first, I was expecting her to just jump in there every show to drag someone out, kicking and screaming, but there seems to be more than that.
07/28/18 at 02:55pm

SVH - you're so right.
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michael dobey
07/28/18 at 11:31am

The show is not confusing at all. It is a drama sci fi show. I found some of the episodes to be quite good and even feel good positive. Which is not what all sci fi is for sure. But this tech may someday become a reality which could cause a real problem for society. Just like in Japan, where many young men have virtual reality girlfriends. Anyways the show always is entertaining but can it last unless we get some kind of villains etc? I don't know. As for the leading hot lady showing skin , I don't think we need to see that. Maybe a bathing suit scene at most.
07/20/18 at 03:45pm

Had I only watched the first couple of episodes, I'd agree that Reverie is derivative and boring. But, the storylines of the last 2 episodes were very informative because they showed the potential of future episodes due to the show's plot structure. However, they need to loose the line, "... by saving them, she just might save herself" in the intro because it is cliche and limits "Mara's" character development opportunities.

The 2 headline actors (Dennis H., & Sarah S.) are extremely talented and worth sticking around for 1 full season to see what they do with their characters (although I like Sarah's character in Person of Interest better).

BTW, JP - the adjective "Hot" to describe Sarah S. is woefully inadequate! Smoken Hot is better, but also inadequate.

Sendhil R. is not as strong and Dennis and Sarah, but I'm a fan and he too is Hot! for those wanting male eye-candy - something for everyone Kira.
07/12/18 at 06:27pm

Kira, I'm a man and I think Sarah Shahi is hot. I'm guessing you're probably not hot. Oink.
07/12/18 at 08:49am

JP: you're a pig
06/23/18 at 11:53am

There's probably only 1 chance in 100 that this show is renewed. Unless Sarah Shahi starts showing more skin, this show is doomed since aside from the eye candy (Sarah), the storyline sucks and is so boring...
06/21/18 at 10:13am

Great show! I love shows with an orgininal storyline. I hope it stays.
06/07/18 at 04:14pm

I was watching episode 2 of Reverie when my friend asked if I wanted to try being waterboarded. So I turned off the TV.

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