The Innocents

- Cancelled -
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Aug 24, 2018




Drama / Fantasy




June - Sorcha GroundsellHarry - Percelle AscottHalvorson - Guy PearceSteinar - Johannes Hauker JohannessonElena - Laura BirnJohn - Sam HazeldineSigrid - Lise Risom OlsenAlf - Trond FausaRuna - Ingunn Beate Oyen

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A supernatural drama following a runaway couple whose world changes when they learn one of them has a rare power.

June is a teenage girl who runs away from home with her boyfriend Harry to get away from her controlling father. But the runaway lovers are soon caught up in a confusing and dangerous new world when June begins to display a mysterious and powerful ability.

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Derrick Robertson
09/17/18 at 07:32pm

thought the show was great
08/26/18 at 08:39am

We make nothing but crap in the UK and are actors/actresses are so ugly its like watching a horror movie every time you watch British TV if you do watch this make sure you have a bucket next to you.

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