A Discovery of Witches

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Apr 07, 2019 - Feb 19, 2022


Drama / Fantasy




Diana - Teresa PalmerMatthew - Matthew GoodeMarcus - Edward BluemelGillian - Louise BrealeySatu - Malin BuskaMiriam - Aiysha HartPeter - Owen Teale

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A drama following a witch who works with a vampire to solve the mysteries within a manuscript.

Diana Bishop is a brilliant historian who is also a reluctant witch in denial of her heritage. When she finds a manuscript in Oxford's Bodleian Library, its sets her on the path of a dangerous mystery.

Teaming up with geneticist Matthew Clairmont, who is an ancient vampire hiding his own dark family secrets, the two work to understand the meaning of the manuscript despite an age-old mistrust between witches and vampires.

But as their relationship develops and their heritage comes in to play, events occur that threaten to unravel the fragile peace that has long-existed between humans, witches, vampires, and demons.

Adapted from the best-selling novel by Deborah Harkness.

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09/12/19 at 09:05am

08/01/19 at 10:16pm

Great show, great acting, great writing. Please give it a season 2! Damn those cliffhangers! Waiting impatiently to hear good news and lusting for more Matthew Goode,
what a handsome fellow. :)
05/28/19 at 08:17am

Great show. I hope they renew it!
04/25/19 at 08:36pm

Loving this show! I was addicted to the books and couldn’t wait for this to come out. Even my husband is enjoying it
Steve S.
04/07/19 at 04:58pm

I’ll back the US zombies over the UK witches because I can keep the zombies out of my Yard.
Steve S.
04/07/19 at 03:05pm

Go figure. They can’t even finish their Brexit yet they like their witches. I’m go to try watching this because it’s supposed to be good, but I probably won’t make it to the second episode. The last bunch witches I liked had Jack Nicholson spurring them on.
04/07/19 at 03:36am

we make excellent shows in the UK.. There is loads of propaganda coming out of Trumpland though.
03/27/19 at 04:13pm

This is really bad not sure we have ever made a good show in the UK
Peter Forrer
03/24/19 at 09:07pm

I was released last year!!!!

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