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Mar 28, 2019 - Jun 13, 2019








Abby - Natalie MoralesFred - Neil FlynnBill - Nelson FranklinBeth - Jessica ChaffinJames - Leonard OuztsRosie - Kimia Behpoornia

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A comedy following the happenings at a backyard bar in San Diego.

Abby's bar is an unlicensed, makeshift establishment that locals in a San Diego neighborhood have found is the perfect gathering place to find camaraderie and sanctuary.

The no-nonsense, ex-military owner, Abby, enjoys hosting friends and newcomers alike. But her world is turned upside-down when her new landlord starts finding reasons why the business is illegal. Thankfully, he warms to the idea and agrees to let Abby's stay open as long as some changes are made.

Regulars at the bar include Fred, who loves beer and conversation; Beth, a busy mom who likes to take a few minutes to escape the madness of her home life; Rosie, the bar manager who knows all 162 rules and regulations; and James, the mild-mannered bouncer who hates confrontation.

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04/15/19 at 11:57pm

Wow, lots of criticism on this show, but I really like Fred: Neil Flynn (Mike Heck from The Middle). I also like Abby (Natalie Morales) from The Closer. There are a lot of other good characters, but the show feel stilted and very forced, with Neil Flynn really carrying the show. I hate they break the 4th wall at EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK. That detracts from it, so I don't think it will last. I will be patient with this one, but I foresee it coming out of my DVR list, which is the lowest it has ever been!
04/11/19 at 07:18pm

Miserable awful show. Horrible lead actress. Not funny or cool
04/06/19 at 09:29am

awful. This will probably be on for years bc they cancel anything good shows before season 1 airs.
04/04/19 at 10:17am

I saw the pilot just now. It looked good and the show has potential. Ted, if you were listening, you would have heard at the very beginning that this show (or at least that episode) was taped before a live studio audience and you can see the audience area in some of the long camera shots between scenes.
04/03/19 at 01:43pm

This was even worse than any reality TV programme and cast were awful and the canned laughter FFS every time someone said something
04/01/19 at 11:13am

This should be a Netflix show
03/31/19 at 09:53pm

I mirror Wendy's comments from 3/29/2019
03/29/19 at 01:42pm

I haven't watched yet but I agree PC has completely destroyed comedy so I'm going in with low expectations plus the cast doesn't look that good
03/29/19 at 12:29pm

The pilot last night was cute. There wasn't a whole lot of laughs but it was good enough, imho, that I will give it a couple more weeks.
Traci Lyn Silloway
03/29/19 at 04:33am

It was pretty terrible. I didn't even crack a smile watching it...and I went in with low expectations. Bless.

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