Green Eggs and Ham

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Nov 08, 2019 - Present




Sam - Adam DeVineGuy - Michael DouglasNarrator - Keegan-Michael KeySnerz - Eddie IzzardGluntz - Jillian BellMichellee - Diane KeatonMcWinkle - Jeffrey WrightE.B. - Ilana GlazerMichael - Tracy MorganSqueaky - Daveed DiggsGoat - John TurturroMr. Bigman - Billy EichnerChickeraffe - Dee Bradley Baker

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An animated kids comedy loosely-based the Dr. Seuss book from 1960.

Sam and Guy are complete opposites. Sam is an optimist who loves green eggs and ham. Guy, on the other hand, is a grump who does not enjoy green eggs and ham.

After a rare chickeraffe goes missing from the zoo, Sam and Guy happen to meet at a diner, which sets off a series of unexpected events that leads them on a road trip to save the endangered animal.

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