His Dark Materials

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Nov 04, 2019 - Dec 26, 2022




Drama / Fantasy




Lyra - Dafne KeenAsriel - James McAvoyThe Master - Clarke PetersCharles - Ian GelderMrs. Coulter - Ruth WilsonFather MacPhail - Will KeenLord Boreal - Ariyon BakareAdele - Georgina CampbellLee - Lin-Manuel Miranda

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A fantasy adventure based on Philip Pullman's trilogy of novels.

Lyra is a young orphan in a parallel universe who was sent to live in Jordan College, Oxford by her uncle, Lord Asriel. Her life is sheltered among the scholars and staff, while under the watchful protection of The Master and Librarian Scholar Charles.

When the glamorous Mrs. Coulter enters Lyra's life, she embarks upon a dangerous journey of discovery that leads her to learn about the sinister General Oblation Board.

Lyra is subsequently thrown into the nomadic world of the boat dwelling Gyptians. They take her North, where she meets charismatic adventurer Lee Scoresby, who joins them on their journey.

Based on Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy of novels.

Comments (4)

01/24/23 at 05:01pm

Love this show, this season had a great evolution. Keep going
12/20/22 at 06:41pm

They can cancel this series, it just drags on and on. Events happen and characters come and go with no apparent reason.
01/01/20 at 11:22pm

The only reason this series was necessary was that after the movie of the first book in the trilogy (The Golden Compass), the real-life religious "powers that be" completely wigged out and got the remaining two movies cancelled. That said, while the books were incredible, this series is just not. Surprisingly weak casting and a lifeless script have resulted in a product that's D.O.A. My advice to potential viewers: stick to the books, including prequels and sequels...you'll be transported and transfixed.
11/11/19 at 11:17pm

Love it so far!

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