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Mar 25, 2019 - Present


Drama / Crime


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A police procedural following a Major Crimes detective whose partner is a K9.

Charlie Hudson is a Major Crimes detective for the St. John's Police Department. Together with his K9 partner Rex, they investigate perplexing crimes - from a kidnapping which reveals a larger conspiracy to an art theft murder in the world of high society. With Charlie's detective experience and Rex's keen canine senses, the crime-fighting duo makes a formidable pair.

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05/04/24 at 03:31pm

this show is now unwatchable. I have an automatic download set for it but Im canceling that after attempting to watch the last episodes. I thought it was a joke about Canadian police warning people to leave their valuables and car keys near the front door where they can be easily found by criminals but its true. They actually made a tv commercial advising this/ The show is following along with this leftist stupidity. It is no longer a police procedural its a political advertisement!
11/04/23 at 08:06am

I really liked the first couple of seasons of this show. It was easily as good as the German language show on shown in Europe but like most things it is showing the deterioration of its production environment. As Canada slides farther and farther into a leftist state this show is following along. It has become mostly leftist propaganda and woke ideals instead of a police procedural. Unwatchable, which is really a shame. Im sure the transgender/queer audience would just love it if they could get past the idea its a cop show.

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