Mad About You

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Nov 20, 2019 - Dec 18, 2019








Paul - Paul ReiserJamie - Helen HuntMabel - Abby QuinnIra - John PankowMark - Richard Kind

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A revival of the 1990s relationship comedy.

20 years after we last saw them, Paul and Jamie Buchman are getting used to their new life as empty-nesters after their unpredictable and now-grown daughter, Mabel, goes off at college.

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09/23/21 at 07:18pm

Loved the original show. Tons of inconsistancies with this one though. CathyJo couldn't beleive that they'd be together, but at the end of that last episode of the original they did get back together. What really had me was that there's 20 years in between, but yet Paul and Jamie aged (according to the storyline and what people said) 40 years. Huge difference. Last I checked (a few days ago) they had Mabel in their mid 30s which would make them in their mid 50s for this show, yet it's said they're mid 70s which they were acting as well. Buildings moved too. Ira ended the original show married to Mary Ann with 2 kids, yet in this one he had none (said so in one episode, won't ruin it for everyone). Jamie's degree also wasn't in psychology or anything related in the original, yet in this new one it is. Too many problems. Not very good. Very disappointed.
06/26/20 at 01:05pm

Mark me confused -- the original ended with them getting divorced and their daughter (played by Janeane Garofalo) narrating the span of 20 years. Now I'm supposed to buy that they are stll together? I liked the original, not going to bother with this revision.
10/07/19 at 06:29pm

I liked the original. I'll tune in for this.

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