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Jan 23, 2019 - Jul 02, 2019






Noah - Ryan RobbinsAnna - Alex Paxton-BeesleyBronco - AJ BuckleyO'Reilly - Rosie PerezVoss - Peter OuterbridgeAbel - Gord RandJoey - Dylan Taylor

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A drama following a Mennonite pastor who fights drug trafficking in his community.

Noah Funk is a newly-elected Mennonite pastor who makes it his mission to rid his community of drug traffickers by betraying a fellow Mennonite to the police.

The move backfires, though, and only makes the problem worse. Now he must protect his family by becoming involved in the illegal operations himself.

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08/30/19 at 06:54am

I hope this show gets renewed. It's that good
07/06/19 at 08:10am

I liked Pure, with its two, short (low episode count) seasons.
I can't see a 3rd season, however, and believe Pure's story has now been told and the series should end in an honorable way.

I really liked Alyson Hannigan's small part, especially as a person who has transitioned from the Mennonite culture to the modern/Western culture, but can/will speak the low-German dialect at times.

Also nice to see AJ Buckley in S1 (as I only knew him from SEAL Team) and Zoie Palmer in S2 (from Lost Girl and Dark Matter).

I didn't like firearms selection, but it is Canada and I suppose it'd be difficult or more costly to get proper handguns to be used for a TV production. Palmer seemed to use a "non-Gun", a device to simulate a handgun for entertainment purposes, but doesn't really look like any existing real handgun.

All the other main characters did an excellent job. It was interesting for me to see this culture which I've zero experience with, no matter how accurate or inaccurate it might be to those who would really know.
02/28/19 at 07:53pm

This show should be on HBO or Showtime. It’s that good.
01/10/19 at 01:34pm

I'm never watching another WGN America show, not after how abruptly they cancelled Outsiders. It left a really bad taste in my mouth. They aren't as bad as Freeform, but the few shows that they did have were quality and the way that they treated the fans really sucked. I get that it's a money thing but this doesn't sound as unique as outsiders in my opinion. And sure, I'm a little bitter and perhaps a little more invested in fictional characters than I ought to have been, but oh well. They won't get me as a viewer.

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