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Nov 01, 2019 - Oct 14, 2022


Apple TV+


Drama / Sci-fi




Baba Voss - Jason MomoaParis - Alfre WoodardQueen Kane - Sylvia HoeksMaghra - Hera HilmarTamacti - Christian CamargoKofun - Archie MadekweHaniwa - Nesta Cooper

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A drama set in a future where humans have lost the sense of sight.

In the distant future, a deadly virus has decimated humankind and left those who survived without the ability to see. Some say God took away their sight as a way to heal the earth, and for the few who remain, vision is only a myth.

When a pair of twins are born with the ability to see, their father, Baba Voss, must protect his tribe against a powerful queen who desperately wants the twins destroyed out of fear that their ability will once again bring the world to the brink of destruction.

Comments (9)

10/09/22 at 11:40am

Please do not cancel this show!
01/30/22 at 05:59pm

This show is AMAZING I truly hope they DO NOT CANCEL IT.
01/03/22 at 03:50pm

Love it. Season two is as good as the first. I think season one sending was spot on. He made that jerk blind like the people he puts down
12/05/21 at 09:41am

Very entertaining! I love this show. Thanks for renewing it!
11/15/21 at 09:40am

Love it. If you do not , then you are missing out imo.
09/13/21 at 10:33am

I love this show! If all you want to do is pick it apart, why do you watch it? My kind of show. Makes me feel lucky to have what I do. Glad to see it has been renewed for season 3. Must be I’m not the only one who likes it.
08/02/21 at 01:44pm

Thought the first season was good, not terrific, but definitely entertaining, interesting storyline, but the season finale was just awful. Feel like it kind of ruined the whole series for me.
09/02/20 at 03:52am

Awesome show, very engaging and intense.
11/10/19 at 06:19pm

Interesting idea but yet another show that thinks bleakness equals art.
There was room for comedy here. And did the queen have to be stark raving mad? For such an original idea this show has way too many clichés. Missed opportunity. If it wasn't for Momoa I wouldn't wait for season 2. Hope they fired the writers by then.

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