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Apr 09, 2019 - Jul 22, 2019




Drama / Legal




Abe - Luke MitchellGlenn - Dana DelanyHarpter - Phillipa SooRami - Raffi BarsoumianTrey - Ato EssandohMaya - Anna Wood

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A drama following the legal team that represents the U.S. Marine Corps.

A team of some of the military's brightest minds - acting as defense lawyers, prosecutors, and investigators - work at home and abroad on the most-challenging legal cases facing the U.S. Marine Corps.

Operating out of Judge Advocate General Headquarters in Quantico, these active duty Marines do whatever it takes to serve their country with integrity in the name of justice - even if it goes against their personal ideals.

Comments (13)

04/19/20 at 10:46pm

I don't think the networks are giving the new series a chance. They would rather cram more reality crap at us because it's cheaper.
08/20/19 at 11:54am

I quit watching after 5 episodes. Not a big loss imo!
07/25/19 at 07:43pm

What is your problem with all the shows you are cancelling it's
almost time to start watching more cable channels. New name for you guys THE CANCEL NETWORK.
07/24/19 at 04:35pm

Really CBS? Cancelled The Code??? Why are you canceling all the good new shows??? #cancelingmyCBSapp %#>**
07/15/19 at 09:42pm

Update to add:
I'm presently watching Ep. 11 as I type this. I've gotten to like this series more, but now concerned there's only one more episode (#12) left for this season. Twelve episodes is a fairly low count which says to me there's a low probability of a series renewal, yet there's still no cancellation announcement. Hopefully, I'm wrong and there'll be another season. We'll see...
06/11/19 at 12:10pm

I was disappointed to have the 6/10/19 episode recorded, only to find a Magnum P.I. episode recorded instead. Apparently, Comcast didn't get the word to remove/change The Code on the cable schedule.

I won't be disappointed if the series gets cancelled, however. Although I've been watching the series, it's more due to nothing else on which I'd rather watch instead.
06/10/19 at 01:58pm

CBS has pulled the freshman drama from Monday nights for the next three weeks, likely a sign that the network is not happy with the show's performance.
More telling is that the show is being replaced by encores of Magnum P.I.
06/09/19 at 02:08am

I noticed it's not scheduled on my cable guide for the next two weeks. Does that indicate cancellation?
06/05/19 at 07:26pm

I was also a big fan of JAG. What made that work, and what makes it's famous spin-off work, is that perfect balance of storyline and character development. If we don't care about the characters, we won't care about their stories. I had high hopes for this show, but the characters are underdeveloped and the acting is cardboard stiff. I am sure I will continue to watch as at this point of the year there aren't many other options, but if it's not renewed I won't be surprised or saddened. At least Whiskey Cavalier had potential!
05/07/19 at 10:25pm

Being a former Marine, and loving Jag back in the day. I had high hopes for the show. After watching every episode so far , going to say not impressed. The only reason why I finished this last one with the AI weapon was my OCD would not allow me not to finish. I love Dana Delany from China Beach to Body of Proof. However Luke Mitchell AKA Capt Abe comes off as corny and unbelievable. Trying to be Lt Kaffee from a Few Good Men. The rest of the cast seems to be so-so. The story lines so far seem so far fetched they are bordering on comedy and not Drama. I don't see this lasting long term. I know this is TV and not realistic but come on . Semper Fi and God Bless. Ohh -RAH

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