The I-Land

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Sep 12, 2019




Drama / Sci-fi




KC - Kate BosworthChase - Natalie MartinezCooper - Ronald PeetBrody - Alex PettyferMoses - Kyle SchmidMason - Gilles Geary

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A drama following a group of people who find themselves trapped on an island with no memories.

Ten people wake up on a treacherous island with no memories of who they are or how they got there. They fight for survival and attempt to make sense of their situation, but little do they know they have been chosen and will be tested. Soon they will discover this world is not as it seems.

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09/17/19 at 04:12pm

I watched it in a day (that is unusual). I couldn't put it down/turn off. So its cheap .... but it's entertaining, that's all you want .... ENTERTAINMENT
09/16/19 at 04:13am

As someone who watched lost and was totally pissed about the unanswered questions and crapped ending that was never explained, I like The I-Land, because it gives you a lot of answers two episodes in. No mystery fog monster, hatches or screwed up timelines. You get flashbacks, but they actually have a purpose. This was done as a mini-series, on a lower budget. If you take that into consideration, it’s a pretty good, binge worthy show.
Couch Potato
09/15/19 at 10:14am

A whole lot of head trips, too many flashbacks, and a virtual mess. Sorry Netflix this one is a NO!
09/14/19 at 04:55pm

The dialogue is ridiculous and the mystery is boring. I’m midway through the second episode and it’s hard to care about any of these characters. This’ll be the last episode for me
09/12/19 at 10:22pm

Kind of like Lost, but more like Persons Unknown.
09/12/19 at 07:02pm

I watched the first four episodes. And damn the acting in this show is horrible I can see why Netflix didn't promote this at all
09/12/19 at 03:17pm

So....... it’s Lost
Just Someone
09/09/19 at 01:09pm

Sorry, I already watched Lost, no need to watch it again. LMAO

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