The Passage

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Jan 14, 2019 - Mar 11, 2019








Brad - Mark-Paul GosselaarAmy - Saniyya SidneyClark - Vincent PiazzaShauna - Brianne HoweyTim - Jamie McShaneNichole - Caroline ChikezieLila - Emmanuelle Chriqui

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A thriller based on Justin Cronin's best-selling fantasy book trilogy.

Project Noah is a top secret medical facility where scientists are experimenting with a dangerous virus that could lead to the cure of all diseases, but also holds the potential to eradicate the entire human race.

Amy Bellafonte is 10-year-old girl whose mother recently passed away. After she is selected as a test subject for Project Noah, the federal agent tasked with bringing her in ends up becoming her surrogate father, and will protect her at any cost – even as Project Noah's progression threatens to unleash a terrible apocalypse.

Comments (28)

05/10/19 at 05:00pm

Going to be canceled. Dang!
05/10/19 at 01:09pm

So mad..Just read that it was cancelled...Syfy needs to pick it up or even Netflix..
04/23/19 at 05:59pm

What's wrong with the story writers, do all tv shows have to be gore and blood and vampire-like creatures? This is another " the walking dead" Nothing original anymore, I liked the series till the end... then I thought oooo nooooo another one. Can't you make normal shows anymore like 24 or designated survivor or shooter. This is becoming boring. you can't turn on the tv or it's a vampire movie. Sick of it. pity it ended this way. not interested anymore.
04/08/19 at 12:29pm

Just binged the whole first season. Most of it was binge-worthy, but the ending was a big letdown. Ultimately it devolves into yet another vampire apocalypse. It seems odd to say that this has become its own genre, but it's true. Unfortunately it wasn't a very original example of this genre.

Given the last five minutes, it's hard to see how a second season will continue on without a major change in tone and style.
04/01/19 at 10:56pm

please don't cancel The passage, love the show
04/01/19 at 06:36pm

The only things I like about this show are Amy and the Agent. Otherwise, there is nothing new here and I am disappointed in myself for watching the whole season. The Strain was so much better. If this show is renewed, I will not be watching,
03/23/19 at 01:41pm

Against my better judgment, I am watching this show. I say that because I rarely watch a new series until I know it will be renewed so I don’t waste my time getting attached only to learn the network has cancelled. I am a fan of the book series and am loving the network adaptation of this series. Please stop canceling shows without giving viewers a chance to grow into and appreciate new shows that have potential to make us think. Not everyone wants to watch reality shows.
03/18/19 at 04:36pm

I love this show. The Season Finale was great. Please don’t cancel this show.
michael dobey
03/13/19 at 09:15am

The ending of this was great. So lets hope they give it a second season. Where mankind is mostly wiped out and she goes to the colony like in the books.
03/13/19 at 07:41am

I love this show, it is an appealing fresh take on old subject matter. As others have said, I hope it is not cancelled for lack of viewers, simply because most people stream, so their viewership is not counted. I know three people who only watch through streaming service v/s one me, who watches live TV, and we all watch this show.

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