The Twilight Zone

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Apr 01, 2019 - Jun 25, 2020








Host - Jordan Peele

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A modern re-imagining of the original 1959 series created by Rod Serling.

This updated version of the classic TV series features Jordan Peele as host and narrator, and utilizes socially-conscious storytelling to explore aspects of the human condition and contemporary culture.

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Joe Gerard
05/27/21 at 12:59pm

This show ruined the reputation of the original Twilight Zone TV series.. stop putting political narratives in your shows and maybe more people will watch them.
03/19/21 at 08:27am

"utilizes socially-conscious storytelling"

Oh! That might explain it. Also it being on the latest stupid streaming service instead of somewhere where more people could watch it.

Every damn network expects another 15 a month? GMAB.
Jeff Dahmer
03/16/21 at 02:17pm

To muvh SJW garbage. No thanks
T. H. Longman
08/21/20 at 08:52pm

This show is great. Well written and narrated. Love how they lean towards the original series.
Good mix of Sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Lots of well known actors showing up.

Let’s keep this series on television folks and stop trying to twist the
narrative into your own twilight zone.
04/11/19 at 02:26am

Well....owner and dump i think its a great reimaging of a classic ....

as for idea...think that's all done before on some anthology series MORE original....

look on bright side its not reality shite ....
04/01/19 at 03:34pm

Could become a sad reality, Owner.
02/08/19 at 11:46am

The Twilight Zone 1939, Aliens, Monsters, Paranormal and
Fantasy. Socially-conscious storytelling will fail. Nevertheless
I have an idea for an episode, it starts with a doctor in NY
aborting 3rd trimester human beings as his CA politician wife
tries to get in touch with him to celebrate the legalization of pedophilia...

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