The Widow

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Mar 01, 2019


Drama / Action




Georgia - Kate BeckinsaleJudith - Alex KingstonAzikiwe - Babs OlusanmokunMartin - Charles DanceGaelle - Luiana Bonfim

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A thriller following a woman's quest to find the truth about her husband's disappearance.

Georgia Wells is a widow dealing with the grief of losing her husband. But when she sees her supposedly-dead spouse on the news it turns her world upside down, leading her to the African Congo in search of the truth about what really happened.

Comments (3)

Tony D.
03/01/19 at 07:38pm

Ken and Vendetta. Nice to see and hear more people getting sick and tired of the same crap... I feel some of the sjw themselves had enough of it
03/01/19 at 03:55am

Well said ken I agree 100%.we all need to band together and draw a line in the sand
02/27/19 at 10:05am

The trailer looks good, and I will watch the first episode. If there is even a HINT of current politics and/or "social justice" cr4p in this show-- the first episode will be the last episode I will see.

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