V Wars

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Dec 05, 2019




Drama / Horror




Luther - Ian SomerhalderMichael - Adrian HolmesKaylee - Jacky LaiDesmond - Kyle BreitkopfCalix - Peter OuterbridgeDanika - Kimberly-Sue MurrayAva - Sydney MeyerClaire - Kandyse McClureMila - Laura Vandervoort

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A drama following the outbreak of a deadly virus that turns its victims into blood-sucking creatures.

After a scientist and his friend take an urgent trip to the Arctic, they end up quarantined with a potentially-deadly illness that escalates into something sinister.

The fast-spreading disease appears to turn its victims into blood-sucking creatures and ends up pitting the two friends against one another in a fight for the future of humanity.

Based on the graphic novel by Jonathan Maberry.

Comments (6)

Gary Brunsvold
12/28/20 at 06:33am

Very simple answer to why is it being cancelled. Executives hate people who love shows
Emelie Mårtensson
08/14/20 at 07:08am

FUCK ME! Why is every good show being cancelled!!!!
04/20/20 at 04:22am

So sad. This was a great show, great story line and great acting
03/25/20 at 04:41pm

Good show, and good acting Lets hope we get another season
12/28/19 at 01:37am

Ian did a great job at driving the show. The story makes sense, and has good acting. Although it is about vampires, it is not the traditional vampire like Vampire Diaries, The Originals, or even Buffy. Even better is not glowy ones either from Twilight. I hope people give it a chance and I we get a season 2.
12/12/19 at 06:35pm

Good show. Different. Good acting. Ian Somerhalder did a great job with it!
Hope they renew. It’s the #1 new show in the UK.

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