A Teacher

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Nov 10, 2020 - Dec 29, 2020








Claire - Kate MaraEric - Nick RobinsonMatt - Ashley ZukermanKathryn - Marielle Scott

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A drama following the secret relationship between a teacher and one of her students.

Claire is a well-liked young teacher at a suburban Texas high school. But behind closed doors she involved in an illicit relationship with one of her male students.

Each dissatisfied with their own lives, the two find an undeniable escape in each other. And as their affair continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, it threatens to leave permanent damage in its wake.

Based on the 2013 film of the same name.

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03/15/21 at 07:36am

Hot?? Kate Mara is Fugly as Fug

She is FAR from "Hot"
12/29/20 at 04:29pm

This is not pedophilia. No guy is getting raped. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Any teenage guy that can sleep with a hot ass female teacher is a fantasy. Theirs not a straight guy out there that if offered sex by a hot female teacher that would say no and if they so they wouldn’t there lying.
10/21/20 at 11:42pm

promoting Pedophilia are we now... Who would have thunk?
10/19/20 at 11:44am

So, a lifetime movie but spread out over 8-13 episodes? No thanks.
09/24/20 at 00:38am

A show condoning pedophilia, she goes to jail, the end. CANCELED

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