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Mar 02, 2020 - Sep 25, 2023








Paul - Martin FreemanAlly - Daisy Haggard

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A comedy that takes a modern day look at the struggles of parenthood.

Paul and Ally are parents of young children who are also juggling their careers, mortgage payments, and their aging parents. When Ally's estranged father shows up at their door, the family ends up taking on what is basically a third child – but this one comes with extra baggage and opinions.

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05/05/21 at 10:48am

My favorite show! I love it! So funny and the cast is great. I hope it gets picked up for season 3.
03/02/20 at 09:06pm

While I want to give this show a few episodes to try, I am really upset at the language in front of the small children. The harsh profanity is much too common in this show, and it takes away from the humor. These are real children -- not voice-over adults on cartoons like South Park and Family Guy. I think it has promise, but they really need to dial back the language. It is unnecessary. Happy Viewing!
Steve S.
03/02/20 at 08:45am

This is a UK show and will be on Hulu tomorrow. I saw the trailer but I’m rarely interested in family comedy. Saying fuck all the time (and to their small children) makes it worse, not better. Sad. Not my cup of tea for sure.
01/29/20 at 11:09pm

Sweet! I cannot wait but wasn’t the show originally called parenthood?

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