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Oct 08, 2020 - Present




Drama / Comedy


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A British dramedy following a cop duo, one of whom is part A.I.

In the near-future, detectives Major and Carver are the best of the best at the elite Special Investigation Unit of the police. When Major is killed during an arms bust gone wrong, Carver mourns the loss of his partner.

But when Major turns up a year later ready for duty, Carver learns that Major has been resurrected using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence.

But with his software not without glitches, Major 2.0's reboot seems to have impaired his judgement, ability, and chunks of his memory, making him more of a liability dead than he ever was alive.

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Jacqueline Greenfield
03/21/22 at 04:35pm

We love this show. Please say that you're taping a Series 3.
10/27/20 at 01:34pm

I actually like this show!
10/08/20 at 06:09pm

Mercy kill. This show is so basic and bad.

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