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Oct 07, 2020 - Present


The CW




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A thriller following the players involved in a worldwide financial conspiracy.

Massimo Ruggero is the ruthless Head of Trading at NYL, one of the world's top investment banks. When he becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation, Massimo must work to clear his name while also dealing with an intercontinental financial war where he is forced to side against his mentor and CEO.

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Mike F
10/04/22 at 11:31pm

Wow! Very inspiring at the end while they also showed us the horrors of Chinese-Bred COVID. Massimo Ruggero was very greedy at the outset, but he saw the wrong he was doing by enriching himself at the expense of those who do not have stacks of cash as a cushion in hard times. He twisted the arm of 'McDreamy' who saw he had to follow this path of face Chinese domination of world markets and the Earth. In the end they could not have pulled all of this off if they had not inspired 'Ghost Investors' - a real thing - to buy for almost nothing and yet they were the Ace card which helped made it all happen. The 'Girl from Kiev' - Math Whiz' - was the diamond in the rough who could carry out a lot of things while staying in the background until the end of season 2, where she was the 'General' of the Ghosts. This was a very subtle series, but the ramifications of decisions made on the global scale were staggering. This is stuff most of us mundane people will never see - only feel. Not sure if season 3 will happen, but if the writers (which we never see) are worth their salt - who knows?
07/12/22 at 10:49pm

Season 2 was more exciting than season 1, did not think that possible!
But since they have nearly reached current times (remember Gamestop shares?) I think it will be over now.
This was a healthy, smart and thrilling series. Not good guys and bad guys, not rubbing your nose in their message but giving you a look behind the scenes of finance and politics.
Ursula E Stewart
05/06/21 at 12:28pm

I enjoy watching stories that have a lot of mystery and twists. I hope this comes back.
11/12/20 at 10:55am

This show is tedious. I keep trying to enjoy it, but it's BORING!
10/07/20 at 09:52am

I can't. Anything with Patrick Dempsey in it I cannot watch, he bugs me for some reason.

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