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Mar 05, 2020 - Apr 16, 2020








Lily - Sonoya MizunoForest - Nick OffermanJamie - Jin HaKenton - Zach GrenierStewart - Stephen McKinley HendersonLyndon - Cailee SpaenyKatie - Alison Pill

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A drama following a computer engineer who believes a secret division of her company is behind her boyfriend's disappearance.

Lily Chan is a software engineer in Silicon Valley who investigates the secret development division of her cutting-edge tech employer, which she believes to be responsible for the murder of her boyfriend.

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Melissa M
08/14/21 at 12:40pm

It is a slow burn but watchable, hang in until the end to understand what's going on.
09/14/20 at 09:41pm

Don’t waste your time. It’s just slow and foes no place. It’s watchable until the 5th episode then it’s unbearable. Don’t bother when there is so much good stuff out there.
03/09/20 at 06:11pm

The guy who wrote this wrote The Beach,Sunshine and Ex Machina plus several other movies which were all absolute crap so that really puts me off but I will check it out
03/08/20 at 08:34am

Pure garbage. This show is dreadfully slow and uninteresting. The only thing this is good for is a a sleep ad. This is what happenes when directors get a little bit of fame and producers let them create what they want.

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