Down to Earth with Zac Efron

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Jul 10, 2020 - Present






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A travel series focused on finding sustainable ways to live.

Actor Zac Efron travels across the globe along with wellness expert Darin Olien looking for new perspectives on how to live healthy, sustainable lives. They meet with prominent eco-innovators who show them different ways to utilize staples like food, water, and energy.

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Edythe Cullen
07/12/20 at 00:04am

this is show has opened up my eyes about how our earth is treated badly and the fact that we should be living better and helping to project our earth. Watching this shows that Climate Change is real! And that we need to treat our bodies well and do what's best for our body. This is a great show that Zac Efron has done. A ton of people will probably just watch it because it's Zac Efron, but it actually open your eyes to that we need better to our bodies and our earth.

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