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May 01, 2020








Jack - David CorenswetRaymond - Darren CrissCamille - Laura HarrierDick - Joe MantelloErnie - Dylan McDermottRoy - Jake PickingArchie - Jeremy PopeEllen - Holland TaylorClaire - Samara WeavingHenry - Jim ParsonsAvis - Patti LuPone

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A drama following a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-World War II Hollywood.

It's the 1940s and World War II is over. In Hollywood, home of US film industry, an ambitious group of aspiring actors and filmmakers desperately attempt to break into the business - and will do nearly anything to make their dreams come true.

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07/19/20 at 03:00pm

While having some decent performances... this was nothing short of propaganda.... "romanticizing" homosexuality in the 50s as it centered around some fictitious movie studio. The plot points are irrelevant since the CLEAR purpose was to rewrite history, so to speak, in order to create some fictitious record that *may* be seen as more accurate than it ever probably was. This entire series is about homosexuality. It done well and is not "cheap" or "crass". However, if you aren't interested in how homosexual life "supposedly" was in the 1950's then this series won't be of interest to you at all. I find it more humorous than anything that when "hollywood" deals with topics that are someone taboo today, they always paint things in a glowing, wonderful light and the ONLY discourse or "bad" aspects are only spoken about by characters briefly. I mean EVERYONE in this fill seems to be fine with homosexuality... I mean EVERYONE.. now.. was that REALLY the case in 1950??

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