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Feb 21, 2020 - Jan 13, 2023






Meyer - Al PacinoJonah - Logan LermanHarriet - Kate MulvanyRoxy - Tiffany BooneMindy - Carol KaneMurray - Saul RubinekLonny - Josh RadnorJoe - Louis Ozawa ChangchienMillie - Jerrika HintonTravis - Greg AustinBiff - Dylan BakerThe Colonel - Lena Olin

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A drama following a team of New York Nazi hunters in 1977.

In 1977, a rag-tag team of Nazi Hunters living in New York City learn that hundreds of escaped Nazis are living in the United States. The group of would-be vigilantes set out on a quest for justice and revenge, but when they discover a greater conspiracy at play, it's a race against the clock to stop the Nazis' genocidal plans.

Inspired by true events.

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10/11/23 at 05:37pm

OMG -- just finally finished season one (didn't have Amazon Prime for a while), and I have never been so confused in my life. The shocking reveal in Episode 11 seems to erase everything the grandmother wrote about time spent in the camp with Meyer. SPOILER ALERT:.......when did the Wolf take over Meyer's identity? And what happened to the real Meyer? I feel like a lot was left out.
01/01/21 at 09:40pm

great show i love it and hope it get a 3rd season
11/17/20 at 02:04pm

Great show. Feels authentic. 5
06/16/20 at 11:01am

I really love this show. As I approach the last episode, I am hoping it doesn't leave me with an annoying cliffhanger. As of right now, the rating on this page is 2.8. I can hardly believe that is based on people that actually watched it...
06/06/20 at 09:33pm

Excellent show.
Really glad I stayed with it.
04/02/20 at 03:11pm

Steve S. ...... not necessarily. If the Nazi escapees were in their 20's, they'd be in their 50's in the 70's, etc.
Richard J. Blanco
03/29/20 at 08:41pm

Great show just finished watching not sure if its a limited series awesome cast very good story lines which includes characters in-depth individual stories ! Loosely based on true or real events not sure what the difference is
Steve S.
02/21/20 at 00:34am

In 1977, those Nazi escapees would have been as old as Al Pacino is now - not a good look.

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