I Am Not Okay with This

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Feb 26, 2020




Drama / Comedy




Sydney - Sophia LillisStanley - Wyatt OleffDina - Sofia BryantMaggie - Kathleen Rose Perkins

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A dramedy based on Charles Forsman's graphic novel of the same name.

Syd is an angst-ridden teenager navigating the awkwardness of high school, family issues, and an unrequited crush on her best friend - all while trying to rein in her developing superpowers.

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11/01/20 at 03:47pm

Wicked show with an awesome season finale. Was looking forward to a 2nd season. Why do they bother when they cancel shows so quickly.
09/03/20 at 09:03am

What a stupid system you operate Netlfix. Why cancel something this good and keep churning out other crap instead
Liza Robertson
08/22/20 at 06:18am

Spoiler if you haven't watched but I am being as vague as possible, but I guess with the way it ended maybe she went extreme Carrie on them and the end

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