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A reality series following a matchmaker who guides clients through the arranged marriage process.

Sima Taparia is a marriage consultant and matchmaker from Mumbai who assists her clients in America and India through the process of arranged marriage, offering viewers an inside look at the custom in the modern era.

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04/25/23 at 07:42pm

There is a quote from Forrest Gump ; "Stupid is as stupid does".

Lets modify that quote for Steve S. here : "Ignorant is as ignorant does"

Clearly, in the context of India, modern times means the young'ins go and find their life partners themselves, instead of their parents choosing for them. How utterly culturally ignorant does one have to be to bring American gender politics into an India-centric show? But then again, his Trumpian demographic probably thinks Murica is the world...go outside, Steve, touch some grass...

P.S.: India recognizes trans as a third gender, its an option in their govt forms and everything, even on Passports.
Steve S.
04/21/23 at 01:42am

"inside look ... in the modern era."

would that be gay, bi, non-binary, trans, etc?

I doubt it. But what then? Just say no to the stupid matchmaker. Call it a show.

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