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Jul 15, 2020 - Present






Joseph - Nick MohammedJerry - David SchwimmerChristine - Sylvestra Le TouzelTuva - Gana BayarsaikhanMary - Jane Stanness

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A workplace comedy following staff at the UK's Government Communications Headquarters.

In a geekier and more bureaucratic version of MI6 known as the Government Communications Headquarters in the UK, the staff use computers to fight international and domestic cyber crime and terrorism.

When an arrogant maverick from the NSA joins the team, he enlists a useless and tactless analyst in a power play that threatens to disrupt the team's ability to do their jobs.

Comments (6)

12/22/20 at 11:15am

I only watch for Sylvestra Le Touzel- Schwimmer seems even more out of place than the storyline suggests.
10/27/20 at 01:35pm

I, actually, find this show funny and am intrigued by the continuing plot-line!
jim beam
08/06/20 at 11:56am

terrbile terrible, 1 or 2 wise cracks and then u have schwimmer ruin the whole thing i really dont wanna see this back..
07/21/20 at 02:14am

This show has me laughing out loud! Didn't expect that. More please.
07/16/20 at 01:04am

Hilarious show! David Schwimmer acts a lot like Ross with a dash of Chandler. I laughed out loud throughout just the first episode. I hope it gets renewed!
07/15/20 at 11:04am

This isn't new this has already been shown on a Sky One and is horrible. David Schwimmer is not good. I'd say one and done, but since this is now on Peacock and they need content who knows.

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