Katy Keene

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Feb 06, 2020 - May 14, 2020


The CW






Katy - Lucy HaleJosie - Ashleigh MurrayJorge - Jonny BeauchampPepper - Julia ChanAlexander - Lucien LaviscountAlexandra - Camille HydeGloria - Katherine LaNasaKO - Zane Holtz

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A musical drama following the adventures of the titular Archie Comics character.

Katy Keene is an aspiring fashion designer who designs clothes for her all her friends. Her roommate Josie is an up-and-coming singer looking for her big break. Together with their friends, they are chasing their dreams in the big city of New York.

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06/10/20 at 12:09pm

I have to agree with Jayla. I'm not a huge fan of the musical episodes on Riverdale. I would just skip them entirely if they didn't sometimes further the plot I would skip them entirely. I do enjoy Katy Keene a lot. The characters are interesting Although I don't really like what they are doing with KO. If they wanted to get rid of his character they should have let him move. Instead they have him stay for no real reason.
Devon M Dowhan
05/08/20 at 06:48pm

On Episode 12 and still loving this show. I hope it doesnt get cancelled.
03/22/20 at 09:15am

I just started watching my taped episodes last night, so I only saw the first. But I just loved it! I am surprised to see negative reviews. I thought it had charm and style and flair. i can't wait to see more.
01/20/20 at 01:18pm

Riverdale was cool. As long as she is hot
11/10/19 at 11:08am

I won't be watching this. I fast foward through all the musical numbers on Riverdale lol. It probably won't last anyway since it stars Lucy Hale. Nothing against her personally, but I haven't seen any PLL stars do anything interesting since PLL. And I wasn't a PLL fan.

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