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Dec 07, 2020 - Aug 29, 2021




Drama / Medical




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A drama following a group of nurses working at a busy downtown hospital.

Five young nurses who work on the front lines of a busy downtown Toronto hospital dedicate their lives to helping others while struggling to help themselves.

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01/13/24 at 03:10pm

OK:) There's one actress who's now playing a nurse on another show called SkyMed (Natasha Calis). Hopefully, SkyMed gets renewed for a S3. Time will tell...
01/03/24 at 08:02am

Then where is it if it's not canceled??
11/15/21 at 07:56am

So this is why the character Polly was killed off on Riverdale? So the actress who plays the lead on this one can have more time for this show.. Makes sense
06/10/21 at 10:05pm

Lori - Nurses was never cancelled :)
06/10/21 at 09:21pm

New season airs june 21 in Canada on global so tho it was cancelled it's being brought back!
03/18/21 at 02:05pm

Steve S say's he'll "pass on this" but commented 3 times

What a Loser
Gregg Hadwyn
12/14/20 at 03:22pm

Steve S. I live in Toronto and drugs are sold every where.

Keep your head up your ass and smell your own Shit!

Goofball people!
Steve S.
12/07/20 at 11:41pm

Steve S.
12/07/20 at 11:40pm

Canada is just a suburb you’ll run in to should you head north. Drugs are sold there
12/07/20 at 03:44pm

just says premiere meaning in the states doesn't say new

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