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Drama / Medical


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A drama following a group of nurses working at a busy downtown hospital.

Five young nurses who work on the front lines of a busy downtown Toronto hospital dedicate their lives to helping others while struggling to help themselves.

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06/10/21 at 10:05pm

Lori - Nurses was never cancelled :)
06/10/21 at 09:21pm

New season airs june 21 in Canada on global so tho it was cancelled it's being brought back!
03/18/21 at 02:05pm

Steve S say's he'll "pass on this" but commented 3 times

What a Loser
Gregg Hadwyn
12/14/20 at 03:22pm

Steve S. I live in Toronto and drugs are sold every where.

Keep your head up your ass and smell your own Shit!

Goofball people!
Steve S.
12/07/20 at 11:41pm

Steve S.
12/07/20 at 11:40pm

Canada is just a suburb you’ll run in to should you head north. Drugs are sold there
12/07/20 at 03:44pm

just says premiere meaning in the states doesn't say new
12/07/20 at 10:14am

The site focuses on the US audience, and it's a new show in the states. Haven't you seen the promos on NBC? They call it a new series all the time.
Gregg Hadwynst
12/07/20 at 09:16am

Steve S. Nurses has 1 season already here in Canada I don't know why they are saying it's debuting Dec 7, 2020.

I hope people watch Season 1 so they know the storylines.
Gregg Hadwyn
12/07/20 at 05:31am

This isn't a new show it already has been on for 1 season.

Some sites need to get facts correct.

It is a good show for being Canadian it's like Rookie Blue but Nurse's.

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