Supermarket Sweep

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Oct 18, 2020 - Jan 30, 2022






Host - Leslie Jones

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An updated version of the classic grocery shopping game show.

Leslie Jones hosts this updated version of the fast-paced game show that sees three teams of two face off using their grocery shopping skills and knowledge of merchandise to win cash prizes.

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10/17/21 at 07:09pm

I loved the old Supermarket Sweep and have watched the new show with Leslie Jones. She doesn't bother me, she's very enthusiatic; some of the jokes though are getting racier. But, I'm not going to watch it any longer. Continually, the winners have won the opening mini-sweep getting both $250 AND 10 seconds. Put them in an either/or situation where they have to choose immediately between the two. Also the team members need to swap more frequently in the games. If they did then one person couldn't dominate an entire game.
02/11/21 at 05:02pm

I like the game but needed to change the host because she is too weird and her behaviour is too crazy. We need a new better host with mature manner. If that happen I will watch the show if not I pass.
11/17/20 at 03:43pm

I was so hoping this would be good. Used to love the original version. This won't last.
11/16/20 at 08:56pm

I haven't posted in a while, but a shout out to the IMSC board for keeping track of all these shows on all these different platforms! It has gotten complicated with everyone and everyone making TV now!!! Kudos on keeping up with it all!

We loved the old Supermarket Sweep. This reboot is bad with Leslie Jones as host. She is obnoxious and ruins it. The "jokes" each time with 'Neil the Security Guard' and the 'Ditzy Coffee Clerk' got tired quick! We watched 4 1/2 of these, and that was too many. I thought the games to win time at the beginning were pretty good!

The only reboot we enjoyed of these old game shows was The Gong Show... and it sadly it isn't coming back. It was "just for funzies" as Mike / Tommy would say... Nice mix of Celebrity, Comedy, Performance, Art, and Absurdity!

Happy Viewing. :-)
09/01/20 at 03:21pm

I'm looking forward to this one. I hope the grand prize is more than the $5,000 that was offered on the David Ruprecht version of this show.

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