Teenage Bounty Hunters

- Cancelled -
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Aug 14, 2020




Drama / Comedy




Sterling - Maddie PhillipsBlair - Anjelica Bette FelliniBowser - Kadeem HardisonDebbie - Virginia WilliamsAnderson - Mackenzie AstinTerrance - Method Man

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A dramedy following two sisters who take up a career as bounty hunters.

After damaging their father's truck, twin sisters Sterling and Blair are in need of some quick cash. When they meet a veteran bounty hunter named Bowser, the two begin an unlikely new career.

Now the sisters must balance the typical ups and downs of teenage life at their elite Southern high school with their side-gig as bounty hunters tracking down low-level fugitives on the run.

Comments (4)

01/03/21 at 00:40am

This was actually fun to watch.This show didn't take itself too seriously and was worth a binge. Sucks it got cancelled
11/02/20 at 05:07pm

There were a few things in the beginning that were a bit cringe. Although after I was a few episodes in, I really started to enjoy it. I actually would have been curious to see where things went in a season two. Oh well is what it is. I'd still take netflix over cable shows any day.
10/09/20 at 07:35pm

Started off pretty good then it broke down into the usual Prime-time network TV PC crap with the parents that are always wrong or stupid like the1960's Disney movies that started all of that.
08/18/20 at 02:00am

Wasn't sure about this show at first, but after four episodes I'm really enjoying it!

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