The Fugitive

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Aug 03, 2020 - Aug 18, 2020


Drama / Action




Mike - Boyd HolbrookClay - Kiefer SutherlandPitti - Tiya SircarStamell - Daniel David StewartSpitaro - Andy BuckleyRonnie - Shareeka EppsAllison - Natalie MartinezDale - Brian GeraghtySloan - Genesis RodriguezPearl - Keilani Arellane

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An updated version of the 1963 series of the same name.

When a bomb explodes on a Los Angeles subway, ex-con Mike Ferro is implicated in the crime and quickly becomes the prime suspect. Alone and on the run, Mike must work to clear his name while being pursued by relentless Detective Clay Bryce.

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08/22/20 at 01:15am

Total crap! Updated version, not really close. The ONLY thing these morons took from the old show is the name!! What is a Quibi anyway, some cretin want-a-be!

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