The Genetic Detective

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May 26, 2020 - Present




Reality / Crime


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An investigative series focused on crime solving using techniques by genetic genealogist CeCe Moore.

Investigative genetic genealogist CeCe Moore uses her unique research skills to evolve crime solving by using DNA to trace the path of a violent criminal's family tree, which can reveal their identity and help bring them to justice.

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07/20/20 at 07:43am

This is a terrific show, highlighting an area of law enforcement that's new and fascinating. I didn't realize that you could be a specialist doing this without already working with the police or a genealogy company. I was pleasantly surprised to find it on ABC rather than ID. I really hope that it doesn't get cancelled, but if it comes to point they consider it, it would better to move it to ID rather than cancelling. This shows how it's not a reason to be afraid of doing dna tests, unless you're a criminal on the run.
06/16/20 at 05:11pm

I really like this, it is interesting to see how they use genetics to catch a criminal from years and years ago, the technology has seriously changed.
06/14/20 at 10:06am

This is a good and interesting I expect it will be unceremoniously canceled soon. Seems to be the common practice of network execs...people like it so pull it!
05/26/20 at 06:32pm

Sounds a bit like Cold Justice meets Ancestry.
05/19/20 at 03:46pm

It doesn’t start until next week May 26 on Comcast
Steve S.
05/19/20 at 02:20am

If it was scripted instead of reality, it’s more likely to be good. Is the average real case going to be that interesting? If it’s real. It could be a good way to get sued. If it’s real.

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