The Masked Dancer

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Dec 27, 2020 - Feb 17, 2021








Host - Craig Robinson

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A dancing competition where celebrities compete with their identities concealed.

Craig Robinson hosts this reality competition that features celebrity contestants taking to the dance floor while completely covered in elaborate costumes and masks.

The celebrities are joined on-stage by masked partners and back-up dancers, and together they perform a series of dances from genres like hip-hop, salsa, and jazz.

Each week, various clues appear throughout packages, costumes, and routines, assisting the panelists in figuring out which famous faces are behind the masks.

Comments (5)

02/07/22 at 01:55pm

Unlike the Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice, I don’t find this show entertaining. Craig Robinson is a great comedian and actor. He misses the mark as host on this show. Nick Cannon strikes a rapport with his panelists that Craig doesn’t convey. Nick keeps the banter upbeat and fun. Craig, who is more intellectual, would do better hosting a documentary or newsy format.
02/19/21 at 08:52am

The show is simple fun -- I love trying to guess who it is. I absolutely love Craig Robinson more than Nick Cannon as a host!
01/10/21 at 09:00am

absolute garbage
01/02/21 at 12:49pm

I'm embarrassed that I watched this, it's really bad and needs to be taken off the air immediately before it hurts the masked singer show. Silly us as viewers, we thought that a show about dancing would have good dancing, this is nothing like dancing with the stars, just a bunch of reject celebrities that have nothing to do during covid, and I mean that as nicely as possible since there might be some good celebrities that got talked into doing this unaware of the poor cast and production. If i were a celebrity on this show I would pay them not to unmask me.
Steve S.
12/27/20 at 04:18am

The Biden lock-down should be for all reality and talk shows with no elite class exceptions.. We should unite on just that.

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