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Alan - Jake McDormanGus - Michael TrotterJohn - Patrick J. AdamsScott - James LaffertyWally - Aaron StatonGordon - Colin O'DonoghueDeke - Micah StockWernher - Sacha SebergMike - Jordan Woods-RobinsonLouise - Shannon LucioBetty - Rachel BurttramAnnie - Nora ZehetnerRene - Jade Albany PietrantonioJo - Laura AultTrudy - Eloise Mumford

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A drama following the early days of the U.S. Space Program.

In the early 1960s, U.S. fighter pilots are recruited to trial experimental aircraft and rockets, becoming America's first astronauts known as the Mercury Seven.

As part of the space race with the Soviet Union, these astronauts and their families become household names as they work towards humankind's monumental achievement of landing on the moon.

Based on Tom Wolfe's 1979 book of the same name.

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11/06/20 at 09:23am

I dunno Tim, I like the way they've separated the stories of the men from the legends. The 1983 movie and the book by Tom Wolfe both are based on got push back for how the astronauts were portrayed. In my opinion the men and woman who started NASA were and are the best of the best. Not perfect, but brave and dedicated to a cause.
I didn't love it, but it's better than another horrible reality show.

4 out of 5 from me.
10/28/20 at 08:44pm

Leave it to Disney to ruin one of the most exciting events in American History .. and they did.

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