The Third Day

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Sep 14, 2020 - Present






Sam - Jude LawJess - Katherine Waterston

A drama following the journeys of a man and woman who arrive at different times on a mysterious island.

In Summer, one man visits a mysterious island off the British coast and finds a colony of inhabitants intent on preserving their home at any cost.

In Winter, a strong-willed outsider arrives on the island looking for answers, but instead triggers a battle to decide its fate.

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09/14/20 at 08:11am

@ Just Someone:
It's billed as a limited series. To me, that means it will have a beginning and an end within one season. That's fine if it's good. It will be like reading a short story instead of a novel.
Just Someone
06/05/20 at 11:11pm

I love these kinds of shows but I'm sure this will be another one cancelled. IDK why everyone hates survival shows so much.

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