The Third Day

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Sep 14, 2020 - Oct 19, 2020








Sam - Jude LawJess - Katherine Waterston

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A drama following the journeys of a man and woman who arrive at different times on a mysterious island.

In Summer, one man visits a mysterious island off the British coast and finds a colony of inhabitants intent on preserving their home at any cost.

In Winter, a strong-willed outsider arrives on the island looking for answers, but instead triggers a battle to decide its fate.

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11/24/20 at 08:10pm

I found this series to be completely captivating. Naomie Harris flawlessly played the role as the confused and protective mother. The island was inhabited by a demented cult that believed that it was the answer to the world's salvation. This was a terrifying and riveting glimpse of how a community could drift into madness. I was satisfied with the ending and that is something that I rarely feel series like this are usually able to produce. It is a powerful treat to the senses.
10/20/20 at 02:56am

What an utterly stupid series. I watched the whole thing... I am dumbfounded by the fact that this was green lit. Throughout the ENTIRE series, every episode, all the viewer hears is how "special" Ocea (the island) is.... yet there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING shown which is "special" other than the characters saying it's "special". There's the undercurrent that something supernatural is going on.. but if there is.. there's no evidence of ANYTHING in ANY episode. When the finale hits.. you're merely left wondering WTF was all that??? There's no explanation anywhere which makes all the actions in the episodes just meaningless drivel. This is on par with the way Lost on ABC ended... so many questions and nothing is explained. Do yourself a favor and skip this show entirely. And Jude Law should be ashamed for signing on to this. Without his name, this would have NEVER been picked up.
09/14/20 at 08:11am

@ Just Someone:
It's billed as a limited series. To me, that means it will have a beginning and an end within one season. That's fine if it's good. It will be like reading a short story instead of a novel.
Just Someone
06/05/20 at 11:11pm

I love these kinds of shows but I'm sure this will be another one cancelled. IDK why everyone hates survival shows so much.

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