The Walking Dead: World Beyond

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Oct 04, 2020 - Dec 05, 2021




Drama / Horror




Hope - Alexa MansourElton - Nicolas CantuSilas - Hal CumpstonIris - Aliyah RoyaleHuck - Annet MahendruFelix - Nico TortorellaElizabeth - Julia Ormond

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A limited series focused on a group of young survivors who grew up after the apocalypse began.

Ten years after the apocalypse, two young Nebraska sisters and their two friends are part of the first generation who have come of age after society as we know it came to an end.

Together they will leave a place of safety to venture out on an important quest and brave unknown dangers from both the living and the undead.

Some will become heroes, while others will take a darker path. But in the end, they will all be changed forever.

Comments (9)

10/06/21 at 07:01pm

I made it through season 1 but after watching the first episode of season 2, I'm ready for this show to be stabbed through its skull.
Aaron Preston Berglund
11/23/20 at 11:01am

I’m really enjoying it. The characters are interesting and I like their stories. Liking it better than the OG Walking Dead actually.
11/02/20 at 06:10am

I tried. I watched 4 or 5 episodes. It's been deleted from the dvr list.
10/31/20 at 09:37pm

This is really bad. Bad acting and terrible script. And to think this is a two season event? First episode was enough for me. This is what you call milking it producing this tripe.
10/31/20 at 07:51pm

This series is weak and very slow. The producers seem to think there is an endless supply of viewers for anything that's walking dead. Quantity over quality does not guarantee viewer loyalty.
Gregg Kortepeter
10/25/20 at 09:08pm

This one sucks
07/20/20 at 12:37pm

Cant wait to see this!
06/28/20 at 04:15pm

Definitely will tune in, hope its as good as The Walking Dead.
05/12/20 at 09:45am

I will give this a watch to see how it goes by the 2nd episode but hope its not another misleading Fear the walking dead, i ended up watching that and it was more of a walking dead cast off character series with more of the same thing.

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