Two Weeks to Live

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Nov 05, 2020




Drama / Comedy




Kim - Maisie WilliamsTina - Sian CliffordNicky - Mawaan RizwanJay - Taheen ModakBrooks - Jason FlemyngIan - Michael BegleyThompson - Thalissa TeixeiraBeth - Kerry HowardJimmy - Sean Pertwee

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A British dark comedy following the events resulting from a seemingly harmless prank.

Kim Noakes is an oddball in her early twenties who, since the murder of her father when she was a kid, has been sequestered in the wilderness with her doomsday-prepping mother.

Feeling compelled to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, Kim sets out to locate her dad's killer. Along the way, she ropes a pair of mismatched brothers into her scheme.

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