United We Fall

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Jul 15, 2020 - Aug 26, 2020






Bill - Will SassoJo - Christina VidalSandy - Jane CurtinGary - Jason Michael SnowEmily - Ella Grace HeltonChuy - Guillermo Díaz

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A comedy following a couple with kids dealing with their judgemental extended families.

Jo and Bill are the parents of two young children who are trying to get through each day as a functioning family. Bill's judgmental live-in mother and Jo's large Latinx Catholic family never hesitate to let them know how they're doing things wrong, but Bill and Jo always have each other's backs, united against everyone – other parents, teachers, coaches, co-workers - and especially their kids.

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07/31/20 at 06:26am

I actually think this is pretty funny... went into the pilot thinking it was going to be awful.. but i chuckled a bit - enjoyed the summer sitcom here.
07/30/20 at 12:43pm

I lasted five minutes with this, so unfunny and the canned laughter is in your face every few seconds.
David T Zalewski
07/15/20 at 11:18am

Latinx? Somebody's signaling their virtue.
07/15/20 at 09:52am

Is this a "Producers" thing, where you can make more money from a flop than a hit? I understand why ABC is burning it off in the summer, but why make it just to throw it away? This makes no sense.
06/28/20 at 04:15pm

Canceled after one season, ABC comedies suck.

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