Vagrant Queen

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Mar 27, 2020 - Jun 04, 2020




Drama / Sci-fi




Elida - Adriyan RaeIsaac - Tim RozonAmae - Alex McGregorHath - Colin MossLazaro - Paul du Toit

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A space opera adapted from the comic book series of the same name.

Elida is a skilled fighter and former child queen who has been on the run since her mother was shot and killed by Commander Lazaro, the man responsible for bringing down their empire.

Lazaro has become unhinged and obsessed with tracking down Elida, who has been living in hiding and scavenging to make ends meet. When her old frenemy Isaac brings word that her mother is still alive, Elida begins a rescue mission across a dangerous galaxy.

Elida and her team must break into the heavily guarded region of space where she once ruled, facing cannibalistic aliens and dangerous shootouts during their journey, knowing that they don't have long before Lazaro catches up to them.

Comments (10)

06/29/20 at 08:30am

I liked you! Real sorry to see you go, good luck ... jm
Bert Singels
05/31/20 at 02:05pm

I love the show and hope it gets renewed.
05/22/20 at 04:02pm

If you liked Galaxy Quest you wont like this, but then you are stupid anyway, because you liked Galaxy Quest, so who cares. Its funny.
05/10/20 at 06:50pm

It seems like a poor ripoff of "Guardians of the Galaxy".

But I suspect SyFy doesn't have any money to spend on it. With lower viewership cable station budgets are getting smaller.
05/08/20 at 06:18pm

I like it for all the reasons you don't, so don't watch it if ya don't like it ... real simple!
04/30/20 at 08:52pm

Not as good as Farscape. Not as good as Killjoys. Not as good as stale tortillas chips. Just not good.
Pam Lincoln
04/16/20 at 02:07pm

I actually enjoy this show! Much different then all the other shows I watch and it isn't even a reality show Thank God for that
Hue Jass
04/15/20 at 04:34am

Acting is horrible, their timing is way off ie lead gets hit in the back of the head and 2 seconds later she reacts. Its seems like they are trying for a quirky B rated show but it's the worse then that. The story writing is beyond bad. It sucks so SYFY will renew it.
doug f.
03/29/20 at 08:22am

worst writers ever
worst acting ever
worst over acting
worst special effects
most times barffed in an hour
nuf said
Steve S.
03/26/20 at 09:26pm

Watched promo on imdb. I’m desperate but still forgoing this.

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