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Jan 07, 2020 - Present




Drama / Comedy


Zoey - Jane LevyMax - Skylar AstinMitch - Peter GallagherMo - Alex NewellSimon - John Clarence StewartJoan - Lauren GrahamMaggie - Mary SteenburgenLeif - Michael Thomas GrantTobin - Kapil TalwalkarDavid - Andrew LeedsAutumn - Stephanie Styles

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A musical dramedy following a woman who can hear people's thoughts as songs playing.

Zoey Clarke is a sharp tech worker in San Francisco who has an unusual event happen to her that allows her to hear people's innermost thoughts and desires through songs.

This initially makes her question her own sanity, but pretty soon she realizes that this unwanted ability may just be a wonderful gift.

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03/21/20 at 06:14am

After watching the first episode I was hooked to the show.Everyone should definitely give it a try.The situations are light and funny,nothing too dramatic or serious.All the actors have done a great job and you can clearly see that.Its really a refreshing show,I really hope that it gets approved for second season.
03/12/20 at 03:13am

I absolutely love the show it’s fun I love you I can’t wait for season two of them for the corny people that don’t like it
03/08/20 at 08:38pm

It took a while to get into the first episode, then I was hooked. Zoey’s character evolves, and the story line is pretty good. Some comedy mixed with touching scenes.
I hope it continues.
03/05/20 at 05:30am

According to tv shows predictor this show has been canceled
02/19/20 at 10:06pm

Zoey is a breathtaking adventure. Jane Levy’s expressions combined with the heartfelt songs create a magical storyline.
Joseph Soliz
02/18/20 at 03:20am

Very good show. I plan to watch every episode.
David Wood
02/11/20 at 07:04pm

I liked the pilot.
Good music and songs. Well choreographed and excellent dancers. The subplot of hearing her paralyzed father's thoughts as song was touching.
All the weirdness done in a lighthearted way.
The big question is: what next ? Fly or fall ?
02/05/20 at 01:57am

After Jane Levy's work on Shameless and Suburgatory I had high hopes for this series, but what a let down. My wife and I both like musicals in the cinema, but this sure wasn't like that. It's almost like someone took a 30 minute sitcom and spliced in the musical numbers from a variety show. Especially the songs of strangers that had nothing to do with the plot or characters of the show.
01/13/20 at 07:21am

I had "Cop Rock" flashbacks .... I don't think I will watch episode 2
Couch Potato
01/08/20 at 09:31pm

This show is bad on so many levels. I thought Zoey was going to hear individual thoughts. I wasn't expecting whole neighborhoods and trolley cars to break out in song and dance with the same thought. I was hoping since the father is in somewhat a vegetative state, when he finally spoke (sung) that he would have the voice of an Angel, unfortunately not.Very cheesy show. I would be very surprised if this show last a full season, even more surprised if it gets renewed.

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